Engraving at Victoria’s Secret

What is it like to provide on-site engraving? Two-words for you: fast paced.

Now, are there downtimes? Sure, sometimes. But you absolutely have to be prepared for non-stop work and prepare yourself physically and mentally for the demands.

Last weekend, I had the honor of engraving on-site for Victoria’s Secret at the Galleria in Houston, Texas. With the recent launch of their new fragrance, Bare Eau de Parfum, VS&Co. invited just a handful of engravers to participate in this Brand Activation. It was a huge success!

So, what was it like? I was warmly welcomed by the incredible VS&Co. staff at the Houston Galleria, led by the ever-talented Ashley (Turner) Emrie. Ashley set me up for success, for which I am forever grateful.

My engraving table was set up in a prime spot in the middle of the store, so the most guests could see the complimentary service that was being offered. So many would stop by to inquire or admire. Live engraving is genuinely such a satisfying art form to watch. It quite literally provides entertainment for guests, not to mention increases sales for those that want a free engraving. It’s a win-win for everyone!

During my 9-hour Live Event Engraving shift on Saturday, July 23, I engraved nearly 55 bottles of perfume. My shift on Sunday was a bit shorter, but I stayed very busy the whole day and engraved 30 bottles. To see the joy on clients’ faces, brought a lot of satisfaction for me. It is an honor to create permanent keepsakes for each person and to see how it makes them feel — happy.

Providing Brand Activations is not just a job for me, I love what I do and partnering with brands to create unique client experiences that will keep their client’s coming back.

Are you a Brand Manager or Event Planner? Contact me today to discuss how my Engraving services can elevate your brand.

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