The Set-Up My husband and I met and dated while attending Texas A&M University, so we have a soft spot for College Station, Texas. We get the hype and the excitement that Aggies bring this town. There is nothing else like it. This is exactly why bringing Custom Hand-Engraving to Aggieland is so special to […]

Southern Glazer's Brand Activation Wine Bottle Engraving at H-E-B

What is it like to provide on-site engraving? Two-words for you: fast paced. Now, are there downtimes? Sure, sometimes. But you absolutely have to be prepared for non-stop work and prepare yourself physically and mentally for the demands. Last weekend, I had the honor of engraving on-site for Victoria’s Secret at the Galleria in Houston, […]

Do you ever just scroll through Instagram looking at pretty lettering videos and think how easy they make it look? Yeah, me too. We’ve all been there! Let me give you some basic modern calligraphy tips to help get you started! Want to know the most common phrase people say to me when they learn […]

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